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Imperialware Logo

In 2012 Imperial Ware Australia (ASIA) declared bankruptcy and went into liquidation, 

With the Australian market full of Imperial Ware Toilets warranty agents disappeared and spare parts became no longer available, has been assisting customers with Imperial ware toilets ever since, we really are your one stop shop for Imperial ware spare parts in Australia.

Our range of spare parts will fix that leaking or broken Imperial Ware Toilet  now and into the future

Our parts are available online only through our Online Store

This way every single product we supply is installed and works exactly as designed and we are able to provide you with the wealth of knowledge we have collected since 2012.

All parts are delivered Australia wide and we aim to make the online ordering process as painless as possible with as much support as you could possibly need, 

Once you purchase from us we want you to be a customer for the life of your Imperial Ware toilet.

New Imperial Ceramics Market placebRoken Ceramic Lids and Cisterns

Broken Cistern Lid

Ceramic is a very strong material for making toilets however we all know accidents do happen and if you have dropped something on your Imperial toilet and broken the ceramics there are still a few options for repair.

Manufacturing of ceramics for Imperial Ware toilets has now ceased so if you have broken a ceramic lid we recommend you have a ceramics technician repair it.

Imperial Toilet Seats

Imperial Ware Seat

Trying to find a toilet seat to fit that odd sized Imperial Ware toilet? 

Well look no further, here at we have the seats for you 

We have seats to fit every model of Imperial Ware toilet including but not limited to: Arena, Belle, Carlton, Cathay, Clarence, Impala, Lara, Lucerne, 
Odessa, Valero and Zeto

Dressed in stunning white, featuring soft close function, a 12 month RTB warranty and manufactured to suit both domestic and commercial bathrooms

All seats supplied with a set of detailed installation instructions and images,

Why don't you head over to our 
Online Store  today to replace that broken yellow imperial toilet seat.

Cistern rebuild Kits have  a series of cistern rebuild and repair kits to guarantee we give your Imperial ware toilet a brand new lease on life.

Genuine repair kit

Our kits are built using only the highest quality parts and replace the following (now no longer manufactured) broken  parts in your Imperial ware toilet:

  1. Broken or leaking Outlet Valve or Flush Valve
  2. Broken Imperial Cistern button
  3. Faulty Inlet or Fill valve

After installation our kits give a complete dual flush experience and will provide years of reliable service (tested in excess of 100,000 flushes) 

All kits are supplied with a set of detailed installation instructions with images, and after installation our business will provide all after sales support and supply spare parts individually for all models of Imperial Ware toilets. 

Included in the kit price is:

12 Months RTB parts warranty 
Caring after sales service and support

We have never had Imperial suite we couldnt supply a retrofit kit for

Checkout our Online Store for the purchase of Retrofit kits, seats and spare parts

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